Trillium Farms is among Ohio's largest egg farms, with farms in Croton, Marseilles and Mt. Victory, Ohio. Our fully-integrated operations raise chicks, young hens, hens for breeding and laying hens. The more than two billion eggs we produce each year are processed right on our farms, to ensure our eggs are fresh, safe and wholesome when they reach our customers.

Our farms are committed to providing the best care for our flocks, responsibly operating our farms to help protect the environment, being good neighbors in our communities, and producing the safest, highest-quality eggs for our consumers.


Trillium Farms is in the process of assuming the origination and receiving of corn at its combined elevator/feed mills in Croton and Larue. Interstate Commodities' involvement at Croton and Larue will be ending at the close of business on August 21, 2015. Until then, it will be business as usual for old crop sales to Interstate for deliveries to Croton or Larue.

New crop sales to either location can be made as of now by contacting our new Grain Originator, Stephanie McDougal at 740-817-2984 or Grain and Feed Manager Steve Nail at 515-314-6298.

All existing Interstate contracts at Croton and Larue will be transferred to and honored by Trillium Farms. We are grateful for the efforts of Cameron Charles and Joanna Gall in supporting Trillium since our relationship began, and we look forward to our continued friendship with them.


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