Animal Welfare
Everything we do at Trillium Farms is tied back to animal welfare. Since assuming ownership of the Ohio farms, our leadership team has made significant investments in training and compliance to ensure that our hens receive the best care at all times. We employ a staff veterinarian to oversee the health and medical needs of our flocks and to ensure our animal care teams are providing excellent care. Animal welfare is a key element of Stewardship, one of our 8 core values.

As a team, we at Trillium Farms work together to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding the standards set forth within this industry. Trillium hens are managed under the UEP Certified Program. This is a comprehensive welfare system that is audited annually by a UEP approved auditing firm.

Trillium ensures that our hens are always in a safe and healthy environment and are provided constant access to feed and water. The flock’s health and well-being is constantly and carefully monitored. The farm uses manure belt technology with air drying to provide a better environment for farm workers and birds by removing manure daily from barns.

Trillium management ensures all employees are knowledgeable of and are compliant with company, regulatory and industry standards. Each new employee working with our hens receives training on proper handling and our animal welfare standards. Trillium Farms has a zero-tolerance policy for any employee that does not comply with the standards we have set forth.


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